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13 January 2014


SimplexaTM HSV 1&2 Direct

Direct detection and differentiation of HSV-1&2 in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF)

  • No extraction required
  • Results available in about an hour
  • Small sample size - only 50μL of CSF required
  • Easy-to-use

SimplexaTM  HSV 1&2 Direct - No Extraction Required!

Herpes simplex viruses (HSV) is one of the most common causes of encephalitis, and it occurs in all ages, and during all seasons. HSV-1 encephalitis is more common in adults; and HSV-2 encephalitis is more common in neonates. Mortality rates reach 70% without therapy and only a minority of individuals return to function normally. 

IDSA guidelines recommend PCR testing on CSF from patients exhibiting signs of encephalitis infection . Reliable diagnosis is paramount for managing patient treatment, with PCR becoming the standard of care for testing CSF for HSV.  

Our SimplexaTM  HSV 1

&2 Direct is the frst of its kind – an HSV CSF PCR test without extraction that can provide results in about an hour and can positively 
impact patient management.

Performance Summary

Our SimplexaTM HSV 1 & 2 Direct kit has the high sensitivity your laboratory is looking for. You can have confdence in your results, without the time constraints of sample extraction.


  • MOL2150SimplexaTM HSV1&2 Direct Kit* - 24 Reactions
  • MOL2160 - Simplexa TM HSV1&2 Direct Kit Positive Control - 10 Reactions

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