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09 April 2014

A Comprehensive Luminex® Immunoassay Guide from the Immunoassay World-Leader

Our new catalog is your single-source for Luminex immunoassay information and assay selection. You can look forward to regular catalog updates highlighting newly available analytes!

What's inside:

  • At-a-glance Luminex Assay selection guide
  • Complete listing of all R&D Systems Luminex Assays including unique analytes
  • Techniques to ensure multiplex immunoassay accuracy
  • Data demonstrating how R&D Systems Luminex Assays compare to assays from other sources
  • Features and benefits of our two Luminex Assay formats
  • Ordering information on how to build your Luminex Assay

Luminex-based immunoassays are optimally designed to maximize your data collection while minimizing variability, time requirements, and sample volume. R&D Systems, the world-leader in immunoassays, recognizes the unique optimization challenges associated with multiplex immunoassays. R&D Systems scientists design and test our assays to ensure the most accurate results, allowing us to offer the largest Luminex immunoassay in the industry. 

Don't forget to download the new literature "Luminex Screening and Performance Assay"

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