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20 March 2014

Vitro S.A Exclusive distributor of the New DRG:HYBRID-XL




Since March 1st of 2014 Vitro S.A is the exclusive distributor in Spain of the new HYBRID- XL DRG Instruments GmbH, an autoanalyzer avant-garde design and random access for immunoassay techniques.

Among it’s advantages we can find:

  • Master curve - No calibration required, 4 weeks stability of the calibration curve for all techniques.
  • Random access
  • Cartridge of reagents monotest - Ready to use! No additional handling.
  • Allows entry of 20 samples and up to 40 determinations - Several simultaneous  techniques by sample.
  • Automatic predilution.
  • Minimum amount of sample required.
  • On board computer with modern and intuitive software- Easy handling through touchscreen.
  • Better optimization of space - 60 x 58 x 63 cm
  • It allows parallel performing of Clinical Biochemistry

Techniques available:

1. Hypertension  Panel

2. 25 Vitamin D  

3.  Fertility Panel

** Don’t forget  to check the video where it shows how easy it is to use **

For more information you can contact us at

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